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CryptocurrencyMarket Cap
Bitcoin BTC
USD 134,682,000,000
Ethereum ETH
USD 16,021,300,000
Ripple XRP
USD 9,755,320,000
Tether USDT
USD 4,293,020,000
Bitcoin Cash BCH
USD 3,815,560,000
Litecoin LTC
USD 2,889,120,000
USD 2,577,900,000
Binance Coin BNB
USD 2,375,190,000
Bitcoin Cash SV BCHSV
USD 1,725,420,000
Cardano ADA
USD 1,191,430,000
Bitcoin BTC
USD 17,820,300,000
Tether USDT
USD 17,539,600,000
Ethereum ETH
USD 4,413,370,000
Litecoin LTC
USD 1,561,380,000
Ripple XRP
USD 1,155,520,000
USD 1,036,030,000
Bitcoin Cash BCH
USD 968,256,000
Tron TRX
USD 859,633,000
Ethereum Classic ETC
USD 434,612,000
Qcash QC
USD 401,128,000

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